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  • Product Name: 5HP Industrial Air cooled water chiller for plastic industry
  • Product Number: HLLA-05SI

Product Function



Injection Industry

Golden chiller can accurately control the temperature of mold which can improve the quality & production rate.


Electronic Component Industry

Golden chiller can stabilize the molecular structure of electronic component inside. This can improve the FTQ and product time.


Machinery Industry

Golden chiller can cool down the oil for the machine and stabilize the oil temperature and pressure. It’ll extend the useful life of oil. And it can also improve mechanical lubrication efficiency.


Electroplating Industry

The temperature of electroplate can be controlled by our chiller. It can improve the density and smooth of electroplate and production efficiency.


Food & Drink Processing Industry

The temperature of processed food and drink will be too high to be packaged. Golden chiller can cool it down through food grade stainless steel heat exchanger.


Air conditioner system

Widely used in building air conditioning system, small and medium-sized office, workshop, restaurants, villas and other air conditioning environment.





Product Advantage


1. Rated Cooling Capacity Based on: Chilled water inlet/outlet temp. 12°C/7°C, 

    Cooling water inlet/outlet temp. 30°C/35°C,

2. Chilled Water Range: 5~20°C;

3. Cooling Water Range: 20~40°C;

4. Refrigerant: R22 / R407C / R410A / R134A is optional.

5. Designed with imported compressor(Copeland Brand) and multi-refrigeration circuits.

6. Compressors: Passonic or Copeland compressor design to save energy and power.

7. Open-type stainless steel water tank, easy and fast to clean and maintain.

8. Well-structured safety protection and trouble indication system.

9. Brand of Compressor: Standard unit is Copeland, can guarantee reliable running, high efficiency, low noise and power saving and long use life. You could choose other brands just like Danfoss, Bitzer, Dakin etc.

10. Electrostatic plastic sprayed outter casing, the outer panel is easy dismantlement to guarantee convenient usage and maintenance.


11. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, high precision digital display.





Product Show











Q: What information do you need to provide in order to get a quotation?

A: Generally, for industrial water chiller we need to know the following information in order to suggest the suitable water chiller models and for providing the quotation.

1) Air cooled or water cooled?

2) Cooling Capacity.

3) Power Supply.

4) Refrigerant.

5) Chilled water outlet temperature.

6) Evaporator need pipe coil type or shell and tube type.

7) Order Quantity etc.


Our standard industrial scroll water chiller is 380V/3P/50Hz, refrigerant R22, chilled water outlet is 5~20Deg.

With water pump and S/S water tank, the evaporator is pipe coil type in the water tank.


Q: Can I have a samples for testing before ordering products?

A: Yes, you can.

We sincerely suggest that customers should have some samples of required fans for testing because the truly performance of fans can be fully demonstrated after testing is conducted.


Q: What is the warranty of products?

A: For 1 year warranty. Free to amend and change the parts due to quality reasons in warranty year.


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