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  • Product Name: HIGOLDEN Industrial box type water cooled water chiller
  • Product Number: HLLW-20DPI

HIGOLDEN Industrial box type water cooled water chiller



Unit Summary:
◎ HLLA / W is one of the series of industrial chillers Shenzhen Jinhua Li Refrigeration Equipment Co-quality products.
◎ chiller using the original brand compressor and electric control processing with efficient, high quality shell and tube condenser and evaporator.
◎ compact chiller structure, adequate cooling capacity, high efficiency, easy to clean and maintain.
◎ Beverly licensing industrial chillers with more than 10 specifications.
◎ refrigeration chiller scope 8800kcal / h hour to 134100kcal / h hour (3HP-45HP), frozen water temperature range of 5 ℃ to 20 ℃.
◎ chiller unit configuration there is lack of reverse protection, motor overload protection, high and low voltage protection, low temperature protection and water protection 
and other protective devices,The perfect combination of various components, can maximize the effectiveness of the use in real-world conditions.
◎ "Beverly card" uses a wide range of industrial chillers for plastic, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and insurance industries.
◎ Our company can produce different sea water and power supply standard products.
※ unit selection
◎ HLLA / W series of industrial chillers are designed for industrial production processes cooling design, manufacture chillers.
◎ chiller All models are equipped with a cold water storage tank and cold water circulation pumps.
◎ chiller divided into three types:
 1. Box-type water-cooled industrial chillers;   2. Open cooled industrial chillers;   3. Air-cooled industrial chillers.
Water-cooled box-type design, with movable casters, slim shape, beautiful, free to change the location of installation and auxiliary equipment, suitable for supporting 
small-scale production equipment.
Air-cooled design, providing the performance of the unit outside the box, without the need to install additional cooling water pump and towers, simple installation, 
easy operation, suitable for small, flexible production equipment.
Water-cooled box-type design, with water tanks, can be placed in the workshop.20 above model unit is equipped with two compressors, and have multi-stage energy 
regulation, can focus on the supply of cold water, for small and medium production sites.
Air-cooled design, without cooling with a water pump and water tower, the machine can be installed outdoors, saving space and production sites, to reduce noise 
and energy consumption, centralized supply of cold water.
Water-cooled open design, can be installed in the engine room, with the excellent performance of water-cooled box unit.
Notes: Our water-cooled industrial chillers been certified by CE.

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