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  • Product Name: 168L to 960L Industrial dehumidifier
  • Product Number: HL-168L

168L to 960L Industrial dehumidifier 
Dehumidifier technical parameters

Refrigeration Industrial Dehumidifier

Model: HL-960D


Main Features:

1. Environment-friendly refrigerant R134A adopted.

2. Water level detection and automatically shut off when water tank is full.

3. Automatically defrosting function.

4. Continous drainage optional.

5. Activated carbon and washable air filter optional.


Technical Parameters:

1. Dehumidifying capacity:960L/day.

2. Air flow: 11200m³/h

3. Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3Ph.

4. Dimension: 650*1850*2100mm

4. Gross Weight: 480Kg

5. Shut down after Water full automatic defrost, Autocontrol, Universal Mobile , five-range humidity level setting,two-range wind speed tunableness , humiture digital display.


 Dehumidifier with Energy Star is designed to remove excess moisture from your home quietly and efficiently. A necessity for those suffering from dust mite, allergies or simply for those who wants to keep their indoor humidity at a comfortable level. Air that is too damp can cause itchy skin and nasal passages, condensation on windows, water damage to materials, mold growth and rotting of wood materials in your home. Huali commercial dehumidifiers remove moisture from the musty air so you can enjoy year-round comfort in your home or office. Humidity level for this unit can be set as low as 35%. Features a washable air filter and casters for easy mobility.

Main features of dehumidifier

- Choice of continuous de-humidifying or 10~ 80% humidity settings (in increments of 5%)
- Washable air filter

- Drain hose connection  (hose included)
- Casters for easy mobility 
- Time delay auto protection
- Electronic control panel
- Quiet operation

Main function of dehumidifier

1. Showing the ambient temperature in the color displayer.

2. Defrosting automatically.

3. Adjusting the humidity level by 1% exactly.

4. Air flow is from top side, also could be optional.

5. Setting time OFF function.

6. Warning of the errors. (Errors code indication)


Parameter of industrial dehumidifier


Photo show of industrial dehumidifier



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