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  • Product Name: HIGOLDEN double compressor commercial screw type water cool water chiller
  • Product Number: HL

HIGOLDEN double compressor commercial screw type water cool water chiller



1. The chiller adopt high-quality compressor and Taiwan pump, so it is

    very safe and noiseless, economical in power and durable


2. Temperature control range 5°C to 35°C,more or less ±1°C


3. The designs of chiller and radiator are unique, so the heat exchange efficiency is very high


4. The chiller is designed to be with current over-load protector, high voltage and low

   voltage construction and electric time-delay safeguard,  when malfunction happened,

    it could alarm and show the cause of the problem in time


5. This series chiller can customize base on the requirement of acid resistant & acidity-resistant (optional).


6.Standard model: Equiped with water pump and wate tank.


7.Refrigerant is R407C,R22,but R410A,R134A also available.


8.Power and frequency supply:380V,3PH,50HZ.   Can customerized 400V,3PH,50HZ/

  380V,3PH,50HZ/ 400V,3PH,60HZ.


9. Rated cooling capacity base: ambient temp. 35°C;

    inlet/outlet temp. 12°C/7°C, fouling factor:0.088m2 · °C/KW.



10. Chilled water range: 5°C to 20°C;    Cooling water range: 20°C to 40°C;




Injection Industry

Golden chiller can accurately control the temperature of mold which can improve the quality and production rate.

Electronic Component Industry

Golden chiller can stabilize the molecular structure of electronic component inside. This can improve the FTQ and product time.

Machinery Industry

Golden chiller can cool down the oil for the machine and stabilize the oil temperature and pressure. It’ll extend the useful life of oil. And it can also improve mechanical lubrication efficiency.

Electroplating Industry

The temperature of electroplate can be controlled by our chiller. It can improve the density and smooth of electroplate and production efficiency.

Food & Drink Processing Industry

The temperature of processed food and drink will be too high to be packaged. Golden chiller can cool it down through food grade stainless steel heat exchanger.

Air conditioner systemWidely used in building air conditioning system, small and medium-sized office, workshop, restaurants, villas and other air conditioning environment



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