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  • Product Name: Bitzer cold room refrigeration unit condensing unit
  • Product Number: HLAT

Bitzer cold room refrigeration unit condensing unit


1. Product description

This series products feature box type structure with semi-hermetic compressor,  that is compact and pleasant looking,applicable to cold display cases, cold storage rooms, ice producers etc.  The applicable temperature ranges are: -5℃~+5℃ and -15℃~-20℃. They can be used in hotels, restaurants,  medicines, agricutureral, chemicals industries all other place where cold storage is needed. 

2. Assembly unit 

(1) Middle and high temperature HLAB series
Pressure controller

Liquid accumulator

Crankcase heater

Solenoid valve

Bitzer Semi-hermetic screw compressor

High/low pressure gauge

Junction box Filter


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