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  • Product Name: 8.9-137.1KW High capacity central heating hvac heat pump
  • Product Number: C14


8.9-137.1KW High capacity central heating hvac heat pump;

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1. High/low pressure protection for the compressor and overheating protection inside the machine .

2. Low water level alarm and low water temperature alarm .

3. Imported compressor from Europe , US and Japan .

4. Throttle components from Danfoss(Denmark) and Alco(US) .

5. Electromagnetic valve filter adopt from Danfoss(Denmark).

6. Electrical devices supplied from OMRON, FUJI, TE, LG.MOELLER and SCHNEIDER.

7. Control mode: imported micro-computer of PLC(optional).


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  1. Power source phase deficient protection;
  2. Circuit breaker;
  3. Compressor  over load protecting and indicating lamp;
  4. Pump reversal protecting and indicating lamp;
  5. Pump over load protecting and indicating lamp;
  6. Cooling water bad heat loose protecting and indicating lamp;
  7. Ice water freeze protecting and indicating lamp;
  8. Coolant lose protecting and indicating lamp;
  9. Safety valve abnormal by coolant high presure;
  10. Ice water by-pass circuit leakage;
  11. The temperature deviation alarm and the indication;
  12. Ice water outlet pressure gauge;
  13. Coolant high pressure gauge;
  14. Coolant low pressure gauge;
  15. Break down alarm buzzer;  

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