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  • Product Name: Huali Duct air conditioner, horizontal fan coil unit
  • Product Number: F08

Duct air conditioner

Product Overview

Duct air conditioner(also known as duct machine air conditioner or duct air conditioner, have three type( low ESP, Medium ESP, High ESP) is an indoor unit installed inside the ceiling in the form of concealed installation and also a unitary air conditioning unit that can supply air by connecting to air duct, and can realize side supply and down supply and other forms of air supply according to different requirements on interior decoration. Air duct unit are provided with not only low static pressure, medium static pressure, and high static pressure and a variety of series but also single cooling, heat pumps ,heat pumps auxiliary electric type, light wave type, and meanwhile these products are classified into ordinary pipe and long pipe type, the product line covers much diversified products. Therefore, air duct units are not only widely and frequently used in households, villas, office buildings, private rooms in restaurants, guestrooms, shopping malls and also supermarkets, banking halls, recreation venues, workshops and plants and other places.

Economical and practical saving investment
Duct air conditioner have a wide range of applications and simple structure, remarkable effects of heating and cooling, low requirements on the installation technology, cost-efficiency much higher than other central air conditioner products, and thus it is the optimal choice for users saving investment.

Ingenious design of anti-cold bridge condense water drip plate
Proprietary anti-bridge design of external and internal condense water drip plate can prevent external drip plate from contaminating interior decoration.

Vibration resistance design low noise operation
Vibration resistance design between installed plate and cabinet can reduce vibration and noise of unit.

Intelligent control safe and reliable
Unit are equipped with overload, over-current, high voltage, phase reverse protection and phase-lacking protection, delay and multiple protection devices, and have temperature display, automatic monitoring refrigerant leakage, fault indication, and anti-cold/anti-overheating indoor unit and other functions.

Simplified wiring free operation
Changing the indoor and outdoor communication control modes connected with conventional multi-core cable, using dual-core communication lines and observing the control modes specified inRS485 communication protocol; and meanwhile, based on the actual situation in the works, a number of system parameters can be modified at will.

Remote control light panel compact and flexible
Personalized remote control receiver light board is compact and installed flexibly, and users can choose wire control, remote control according to users’ requirements.



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