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  • Product Name: Screw type air source/cooled chllier
  • Product Number: 5

Screw type air cooled water chiller
Screw type air source heat pump

Cooling capacity: 100KW to 680 KW

1. Use for cooling equiment/machine (Electroplating, plastic products, hardware, chemical industry, electronics, food preservation,laser carving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning etc industries.)

2. Working on central air conditioner system.

Compressor: Hanbell, Bitzer, Refcomp, client can choose the compressor


Safety production Device:

Besides the features of tank water-cooled machine set, air blast cooling chiller does not need extra cooling water tower and is easy to install and operate so that it is suitable for small production equipments.
Phase reversion protection, Phase lack protection, overload current protection ,discharge air temp. protection, low &high pressure protection.


Cooling capacity: 100~680kw   Outlet water temp: -40~30C 
Refrigerant:R22/R407c/R134, client can choose the refrigerant/gas.

Cooling only unit/cooling-heating unit/ heat recovery

◎Adopt the advanced screw type compressor, resistance low temp and high efficiency

◎Electrical configuration adopt high –quality product of the world to ensure that the unit stable quality and reliable operation.

◎adopt the glycol antifreeze as the cooling agent, freezing water temp can be controlled at -40 degrees Celsius.

◎customer may request calcium chloride as an antifreeze.

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