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  • Product Name: HUALI Air cooled condensing unit_Copeland
  • Product Number: h06



Air -cooled condensing unit with copeland hermetic scroll

Product introduction:

Hermetic scroll condensing unit was newly designed and developed to meet the requirements of the markets,currently it can supply the hotel,restaurant,foods,sanitation,medicine,agriculture and chemical industries with much lower tempeatures: ﹣5℃~10℃、﹣10℃~﹣18℃.

⑴. Attractive and beautiful outfit,configurated box appearance;
⑵. Equipped with Copeland Hermetic scroll compressor,low libration,less noise,reliable operation;
⑶. Featured with brass pipe and alunimiun fin to exchange the heat efficiently, longer product life;
⑷.  Air outlet from the side condensing unit which equiped with 6-pole motor;and air outlet from the top unit which equiped with rotator motor, both of these two types make less noise;
⑸. Built-in electrical box, easily to connect circuits;
⑹. Safty valves assembled close to the connection pipe,convenient to install and maintain.

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