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  • Product Name: Anti-explode dehumidifier
  • Product Number: J4-2

Model: HLAE8.8 to HLAE20
Dehumifier series

1)  PREAIR anti-explode dehumidifier's main functions;

2)  Our products are strictly based on naitional anti-explode electric standard, and all anti-explode component's ability are qualified with IP54.

3)  We use high-quality matirals which makes the duhumidifiers can endure strongly pressure without explode.

4)  All components are being antisepticised and with high antisepsis ability.

5)  All anti-explode components and connections are producing based on national anti-explode standard and inspection, which guarantee them are in high anti-explode capacity.

6)We are professional dehumidifier manufacturer and our product's dehumidify ability are higher than any other manufacturers.


Model HLAE8.8 HLAE10 HLAE15 HLAE20
Power source  380V/3PH  380V/3PH 380V/3PH 380V/3PH
Humidity removal  8.8L/H 10L/H  15L/H  20L/H
Rated power input 4120W 4900W 8000W 9800W
Rated power current  7.6A  9.5A 13A 16.6A
Circulating air  2500M3  2800M3  4200M3  5000M3
Refrigerant  R22/R407C   R22/R407C   R22/R407C   R22/R407C 
Net weight 150Kg 150Kg 250Kg 250Kg
Gross weight 170Kg 170Kg 270Kg 270Kg
Applying space 250~300m2 350~400m2 600~700m2 700~800m2
Production dimension 770x470x1630mm 770x470x1630mm 1225x450x1765mm 1225x450x1765mm
Packaging deimension 820x570x1700mm 820x570x1700mm 1330x670x1950mm 1330x670x1950mm
Explosion-proof elecuic equipment I I I I
Explosion-proof marrking IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4

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