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  • Product Name: Water defrosting air cooler
  • Product Number: h54



Water defrosting air coolers

The DS series air coolers, feature hot water defrost system.
With 4.5, 6, 9.0 mm fin space coils, for 0℃, ~ -35℃ temperature requirement.
The heat transfer capacity of single unit ranges from 16.0KW~84KW.


Cooling the room requesting below range of tempeature:
DLS: -5 ~5℃ keeping-fresh room.
DJS:-25℃ fast refrigerating room.
DDS: -15~-20℃ refrigerating room.


Features of Air Cooler:
1)With stainless steel casing,plastic finishment,corrosion-proof,attractive apperance.
2)Copper tube and aluminium fins,with high efficiency of heat exchange.

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