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  • Product Name: D series air cooler
  • Product Number: h52



D series air cooler


1.The D series Products are air coolers applicable to various cold storage houses.
2.They are divided in different groups by temperature, the DL group, for 0℃, DD for -18℃ and DJ, for that below -25℃.
3.All the products are anti-rusty, corrosion proof, and high reliability. Long air duct is capable to fixed with the products.


1)With stainless steel casing,plastic finishment,corrosion-proof,attractive apperance;
2)Copper tube and aluminium fins,with high efficiency of heat exchange;
3)Configurated electrically heating pipe with high defrosting efficiency;
4)Double water-tank configurated,avoiding water tank to be frosted;
5)Adjustable length of fan pipe.

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