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  • Product Name: 8HP High Quality Advanced Box Water Chiller for injection industry
  • Product Number: HLLA-08SI

8HP High Quality Advanced  Box Water Chiller for injection industry

Product Detail

1. The chiller adopt high-quality compressor and Italy pump, so it is very sate and noiseless, economical in power and durable
2. The chiller is deployed with Italy temperature controller, it can control the temperature between 3 and 35 degrees exactly
3. The designs of chiller and radiator are unique, so the heat exchange efficiency is very high
4. The chiller is designed to be with current over-load protector, high voltage and low voltage construction and electric time-delay safeguard, when malfunction happened, it could alarm and show the cause of the problem in time.
5. It has stainless steel temperature-holder box, it is very convince to purify
6. It is designed to be with anti-phase & lack-phase protector and anti-icy protector
7. The temperature of ultra cod chiller can be below -15 degrees.
8. This series chiller can customize base on the requirement of acid resistant & acidity-resistant
9. It has got CE certification.


Product Parameter

  Model  HLLA  03SI 05SI 08SI
Rated Cooling Capacity ×1000 kcal/h 7.9 12.8 20.8
KW 9.2 14.9 24.2
Input Power (KW) 3.85 5.55 8.15
Comp. Input Power×Qty.  (KW) 2.6 4.3 6.35
 Chilled Water Pump Power  (KW) 0.75 0.75 1.1
 Comp. Current (A) 6.8 10.5 14
Power Supply 3φ-380V-50HZ
 Safety Protection Phase reversion protection, Phase lack protection, 
Overload current protection, Discharge air temp.  protection, 
Low & High pressure protection, Low temp.  protection, 
Water flow protection.
 Number of Refrigeration Circuit 1 2
 Capacity Control (%) 0, 100 0, 50, 100
 Refrigerant R22
 Condenser Ripple Aluminum Fins around Cooper Pipe
 Power lnput of Fan (KW) 0.5 0.5 0.7
 Evaporator Pipe Coil Type
 Water Side Max Pressure (MPa) - 1
 Dia.of Pipe to Evaporator (inch) 1" 1-1/2"
 Chilled Water Flow (L/m) 26.4 42.7 69.4
 Evaporator Water Pressure drop (kPa) - 17
 Running Noise dB(A) 72 72 73
 Tank Volume (L) 50 70 120
 Total weight (Kg) 130 170 430

Product Show



Q: What information do you need to provide in order to get a quotation?

A: Generally, for industrial water chiller we need to know the following information in order to suggest the suitable water chiller models and for providing the quotation.

1) Air cooled or water cooled?
2) Cooling Capacity.
3) Power Supply.
4) Refrigerant.
5) Chilled water outlet temperature.
6) Evaporator need pipe coil type or shell and tube type.
7) With water pump and water tank or not.
8) Order Quantity etc.

Our standard industrial scroll water chiller is 380V/3P/50Hz, refrigerant R22, chilled water outlet is 5~20Deg.
With water pump and S/S water tank, the evaporator is pipe coil type in the water tank.

Q: Can I have a samples for testing before ordering products?
A: Yes, you can.
We sincerely suggest that customers should have some samples of required fans for testing because the truly performance of fans can be fully demonstrated after testing is conducted.

Q: What is the warranty of products?
A: For 1 year warranty. Free to amend and change the parts due to quality reasons in warranty year.

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