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Installation of roof type air conditioning unit

Writer:HuaLi WangSource:Original Date:2015-11-17 10:06:07
1 units in place: due to the equipment for large and medium-sized air conditioning units, the unit is in place even more important. Before in place, do a good job in the base, and the corresponding vibration reduction processing, to ensure that the unit level is placed, and the corresponding fixed. Since the compressor installed in the condensing section, to ensure the safety of the compressor, handling, in place unit should try to stay upright, as a result of the need to tilt, the maximum shall not exceed 45 degrees, is strictly prohibited to lay the compressor level or upside down. The evaporation combination around each set aside 1500 mm above the space, in order to facilitate the daily equipment maintenance. Condensing section is placed should choose open around the place or roof, around is not piling up debris, top left more than 2500 mm of space, in order to facilitate the condenser heat, also conducive to future maintenance.
Determination of connection distance of refrigeration pipeline:
The hermetic scroll compressor, the vertical distance of not more than 8 meters, the horizontal distance of not more than 16 meters.
The semi closed screw compressor, the vertical distance of not more than 10 meters, the horizontal distance of not more than 20 meters.
2, installation space: unit installation position requirements around enough space to prepare for operation and maintenance, at the same time to ensure the unit installation position must have suitable temperature and good ventilation conditions, to ensure smooth airflow, unhindered and no short circuit. In addition, the unit is best not to be installed in the steam, hot air, smoke and corrosive gases around.
Base 3, a: air conditioning unit of the concrete foundation due enough strength and smooth surface, higher than the ground more than 200mm and have enough height to install the condensed water pipe, unit inclination of not more than 1 degree, around the unit should be equipped with a drainage ditch water exclusion, unit moving parts is provided with a damping device, if the user of the vibration and noise of high demand situations, it is recommended spring and damper installed between the unit and the foundation, as far as possible to avoid the solid borne sound.
Note: if the air handling "section of the air conditioning units need to install spring shock absorber, the unit must be installed sufficient strength of the channel steel rack, in the groove between the frame and base installation spring shock absorber, shock absorber depending on the number of unit and a channel steel frame with a total weight of preparation in the same. Spring damper must choose the outdoor type, reliable quality, reasonable selection!
4, to ensure that the equipment in the condensing section, evaporation section on the correct positioning of the base, the refrigerant, hot water, steam and other pipelines, power control line connection.
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