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Working principle of household central air conditioner

Writer:HuaLi WangSource:Original Date:2015年12月18日 10:05
1 cold (hot water units the basic working process are: outdoor refrigeration unit of cold (hot) medium water for cooling (or heating), and then by the water pump cooling the refrigerant (hot) water lose sent to the installation in the indoor fan coil unit, by the fan coil unit take local return air and indoor air heat exchange of the indoor air treatment.
2 the basic working process of the wind pipe (Road) - type unit is: for cooling, the outside of the refrigeration unit to absorb the refrigerant vapor from the indoor unit of the refrigerant vapor compression, condensation of the indoor unit to transport liquid refrigerant. Heating and refrigerating unit outdoor absorption from the condenser refrigerant vapor is compressed to the indoor units conveying refrigerant steam, the indoor unit through the arrangement on the ceiling of the air inlet will be inhaled air, heat exchange into installed in the ceiling of the indoor wind pipe (Road), and through out the outlet of the diffuser to indoor air transportation. In the wind pipe (Road) on the design of air door and air discharging door, can according to a certain proportion of replacement of the air, to ensure the quality of indoor air.
Basic work process of 3. Multi frequency delayed unit is: when cooling and refrigeration units in outdoor absorption from indoor unit of refrigerant vapor is compressed and condensed to the indoor units conveying liquid refrigerant. When the heat supply is used, the outdoor refrigerating unit absorbs the refrigerant vapor from the condenser, and then the refrigerant is delivered to each indoor unit. Each indoor unit is arranged on the ceiling through the dark outfit. Through the return air will suck the air, heat exchange into, from the air outlet will be dealt with after the take in situ air returning back to the room.
Unit in the energy regulation by microcomputer control, outdoor unit frequency conversion compressor according to the changes in indoor and outdoor load, automatic regulation of the working state of the compressor, in order to meet the requirements of indoor hot and cold load.
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